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“Social email marketing” launches on Facebook

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This blog is all about the impact of social media on marketing in general and on email marketing, specifically. The Social Marketing Forum and its Facebook page are all about social media marketing, peer-to-peer advice, discussions and the sharing of insights.

However, all “administrators” of the Social Marketing Forum also have their own blogs and Facebook pages.

I was the only until now who had no own Facebook page. Not that it’s a must of course (worse, I blog about email marketing all the time, and I even haven’t found the time to start an email newsletter yet…).

Well, anyway, today I launched a little Facebook page for my blog. It will not contain the posts on this blog, I mean, not all of them. I will just add one now and then.

However, I will also add stuff that I think is relevant for the community of this blog. Because, even if you don’t see it: there is a community around this blog. You don’t see it in the comments, you see it on Twitter, and I realize it when I make contact with people.

So, I would like to give something to the “members” of that community where they can talk about the integration of social media and email marketing.

That’s why I created the Facebook page. It’s brand new. Use it to set up discussions, to connect, to learn, it’s up to you. However, let’s keep it about email marketing and social media (and, again, where both meet), shall we?

For all those social media marketers like me out there: the Social Marketing Forum, its Facebook page and its partners are the place to be for social media marketing.

And for all those email marketers out there (well, like me again)that are seeking to connect with email marketers and learn about email marketing, there is the Email Marketer’s Club of my good friend Tamara Gielen.

My page is somewhere in between.

Well, that’s it folks. The rest is up to you. Here’s the link to my brand new and shiny FB page that I would like to become yours as well.

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