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Interview with Social Media Citizen: Warren Whitlock

WarrenWhitlockWarren Whitlock is the Founder of, online training programme which helps authors and businesses improve the results of their marketing programs.  Warren is also the Co-author of  the first book on Twitter  – “Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online”. You can follow Warren on Twitter , Facebook  or Linkedin.

G: How and why did you get into social media?

W: I don’t think of social media as a thing to get into. The term is an attempt to describe how technology, some being what is also described as “new media” is affecting business. To say that I was “in social media” would be like a business saying the are getting into phones or automobiles when they use those tools. Yes, some people are in the social media business, just as some businesses sell phones or cars. I hold that the revolution is business and life will come from this enhanced communications capability, regardless of what business you are in. We can choose whether to use it, just as we can choose whether to use a phone or automobile.

G: What is it like to be a real Social Media Citizen?

W: That would describe anyone that is alive today and hopes to interact with any other person.

G: What are your favourite social media hang out sites?

W: I don’t hang out on social media any more than I’d hang out with phone users or join a car club. It’s simply a tool I use to be more effective in what I was already doing.

G: How are you keeping up-to-date with social media environment ?

W: I listen to people. The technology is nice, but I’m really interested in the connection with people.

G: How would you define a  Social Media Citizen?

W: I reject the idea that a person is into social media. I won’t judge a person by whether he chooses to use technology. I’ll help him use it if I can, but there’s not difference to me.

G: What are your favourite Marketing/PR tools on social media?

W: People. The real human beings I meet and network with… there are just a lot more of them, with stronger connections now that I can stay in touch with more than face to face encounters

G: What are your Top secrets of social media marketing?

W: My Top tips:

  • Stop thinking that social media is a niche or something on your TO DO list
  • Listen and Love. Pay attention to others and let them know you care.

G: What do you see in the future for the social media?

W: If I had any other term, I’d use it. I assume we’ll get over the fad and accept the tools. The revolution will be business that listens to consumers and uses that information to:

  • let them know they are heard;
  • act in their best interest.

G: Describe yourself in five words?

W: Helping thought leaders share online.

G: What don’t you like about social media?

W: Experts proclaiming that there’s a trick to it or that it’s a fad. The principles that make one a good citizen are the same today as they always were.

G: How did social media change your life?

R: It enabled me to to stay in touch with people more and help them more often. More friends to help.


A big Thank You to Warren for his interesting insights!! You can find the rest of the interviews with Top Social Media Citizens at SMC List or Social Media interviews category.

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