Interview with Community Manager: Monika Katkute from LBi

Monika Katkute Monikas Katkute is Community Manager at LBi, one of the largest digital agencies in Europe. She is responsible for managing social communications on behalf of  leading beer brand. Also, Monika is developing  two ventures: Bit greener – sustainable business directory & community and Craft Fields –  marketplace & cultural space of Lithuanian artisans.  You can follow Monika on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook or her blog.

G: How did you build your experience as community manager strategist?

M: I’ve started as community managers for a non-profit were I had loads of flexibility and community support. It was a volunteer position and I do miss the simplicity of it.

G: What are your top resources for community management?

M: Oh, it so depends on the topic & client. It may wary from The Next Web to Design Milk or Guardian.

G: Who are your favourite community managers/strategists or community management case studies?

M: Personally I admire personal & funky brands, including innocent team, guys behind Skittles. As an individual voice, I adore to Bri Emery from Design Love Fest.

G: Where is the best place to build the community?

M: The best place to build a community is a place where you find them to be – maybe its forums, or closed social networks. Research and talking prior to blind launches is key.

G: What do you have to provide the community to make it work?

M: Relevance, passion, sincerity & fun.

G: How do you attract new community members?

M: Via engaging campaigns, conversations, competitions. Sometimes paid media can help to break the ices.

G: What are the best ways to spark a discussion among your community members?

M: Ask something they care about.

G: Does the size matter?

M: Do believe engagement, not size matters.

G: What are the most common mistakes in community management? What should companies do to avoid them?

M: Community managers might become very personal or add too much of their own style while forgetting what is the way of talking. Tone of Voice document could help.

G: Do you have any social media crisis management experience? If yes, what is the best way to approach the problem?

M: Be calm and use common sense. If you have a solid community, they will always help you and protect you.

G: How do you measure the ROI of your community?

M: Depends on the community. Depth of community matters as well as organic growth. Sales should be included as well. There are some great tools, such as Campalyst, who can help you measure ROI from various perspectives. I suggest giving it to professionals before you’re lost in metrics.

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