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E Cigarettes Are a Great Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

Though the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes have been known for decades, many people are still addicted to them. In response, the industry has developed multiple products to assist smokers in making the break from their addiction. Among the most promising is electronic cigarettes.

These fabulous devices look and feel like a regular cigarette. Users get the same experience as they take a “drag” from the electronic cigarette. That is the reason that these products show more promise than the others that have been designed to assist smokers. The similar experience allows smokers to transition their habit slowly. Patches and gum simply can not mimic the feel of smoking.

Inside of the e cigarette is a vial containing liquid nicotine. When a person draws on it, a small bit of it is vaporized. The individual gets the nicotine in a smokeless form. Not only is the product cleaner, it is far safer for others in the room. No smoke to contaminate the air, furnishings, or other material.


The power to release the vapor is provided by a small battery. In disposable electronic cigarettes, the device can not be recharged. However, there are many brands that can be used repeatedly. The batteries can generally be charged through a regular outlet but, many are USB compatible, meeting the needs of a technologically oriented society.

If you are wanting to make the transformation from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones, you may want to consider using the disposables at first. You can explore the different brands and flavors to find which ones are most appealing to you. Once you make that determination, you can then invest in a product that pleases you.

There are a number of different flavor varieties and strengths to accommodate those of all interests. Utilizing these options can provide an additional way to make the break from regular cigarettes. While having a similar experience, you can learn to appreciate the other flavors and reduce the strength of your nicotine intake.

Many people die every year of illnesses related to smoking. Recently, Leonard Nimoy, of Star Trek fame, told the world that he is suffering from COPD, related to many years of smoking. He encouraged fans to give up the habit, which he did more than three decades ago. He is only one of the iconic people in recent history to suffer from the results of smoking. He implored us all to “be logical.”

Though the illness of an icon is unlikely to make the masses give up their smoking habit, perhaps it will inspire a few to choose safer alternatives to the addictive cigarettes which have long been a part of society. Electronic cigarettes are a great invention that allows people to make the transition more naturally. If you want to give up this deadly habit, the use of electronic cigarettes is a great way to transition your mind and body away from the harmful products touted by the major tobacco industries.

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