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The future of Online Video

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Was watching  Paul Sagan (Akamai, CEO) comments about the future of on-line video  and couldn’t agree more that online video still haven’t reached its highs, but it is nearly there. All these video services on the net like  YouTube, iPlayer  and others are redefining our habits, but in my opinion there is more to come. People still are getting familiar  with the idea of filming themselfves or communicating through video conversations or interacting with the video itself. The technology is here (3G, Facebook video, Joost) , but it takes time to get comfortable with it as video presents  new level of transparency on the net. Maybe that’s why people are still texting on each others wall’s rather than posting video comments as it is much more personal and real. I bet that’s why the video service  like Joost (where you could comment on videos in the real time) didn’t grow as expected, as people  were still getting familiar with idea of sharing (what and why to share?) on the net and opportunity to blog or comment live just seemed a bit frightening and came too early. But situation is changing – services like 12seconds.tv and ustream.tv proves that ordinary people want to be seen and heard online without any hiding  under the keyboard.

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