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Facebook takes over the Internet

The new ambitious changes on Facebook will seriously affect our Internet experience. According to Anne Herngaard , there core technologies that will make it happen can be grouped in three categories:

“1. OPEN GRAPH: Connecting websites with Facebook so that you can connect content outside of Facebook with your personal profile. This will instantly be added to your news feed and your Likes and Interests will be build from the activities you do around the web.

2. SOCIAL PLUGINS: Consists of easy-to-use widgets to incorporate on your website with a simple code to provide the user with a more personal experience. The new plugins include ‘Like’ buttons, activity stream plugins that transfers your news stream, a Recommendations plugin, a ‘Sign In’ plugin, and a Social Bar that will appear as a dock at the bottom of your site. This way you have socially enabled you site with some simple html.

3. GRAPH API: A more open platform for developers to work with, so that Facebook will be easier to build around. This will entail new tools and services to incorporate on your own website. For instance developers can search on updates on public Facebook pages and develop services that may tell what people are saying about your brand.”

So how it will really look like?


I believe very soon you are going to notice such kind of recommendation widgets on all major websites and blogs. It’s important to notice that you won’t have to login to your Facebook account to share the experience with you friends. Nevertheless, your action will be automatically reported on Facebook as you can see in the pic below.


What can be seen as a minor changes or add-on from the the first sight, actually might be a revolutionizing Internet technologies. We will start sharing our lives not only on Facebook, but all over the Internet. CNN identified an interesting side affect of all this – we will only see the web that is liked by our friends and might forget the beauty of exploring the new territories on our own.

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