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5 Tips to Better Facebook Pages

It is not a surprise that so many  have been asking for more quick and easy tips to building and promoting your Facebook Pages – they are more popular than ever at the moment!

For example, on my radio show, The Social Media Chef, a few weeks back we focused on Facebook Pages and the comments were through the roof.  The next week I continued on the topic of Facebook Pages with yet another mountain of comments.

As this seems to be one of the hottest topics right now, I wanted to share some more tips that you can easily apply to your Facebook Page to make it even better, more attractive and full of “Likes.”

Here are my top 5 Tips to Better Facebook Pages:

1.  Get Your Custom Facebook Page URL:  If you haven’t done this yet, it is free and wonderful.  Simply go to facebook.com/usernameand follow the instructions.  Make sure to choose a URL that is catchy, easy to remember and fits your brand!

2. Get Your Friends Behind You:  This enables you to get a diverse bunch of “Likes” to your page.  Find your key supporters in your Facebook network and either send them a personal message or call them to request that they invite all of their friends to connect with your page.  If you are timid don’t be shy, this is done everyday by brands large and small.

3.  Ask for the “Like”:  What I mean by this is anywhere that you can supply content to your Facebook page, you should be asking for the reader to “Like” your page.  For example on your Info tab within your page, there should be plenty of requests to “Like” the page built into your copy.  Also, post a link to the group on your own profile and ask your friends to “Like” it.

4.  Make Sure Your Web Address is Visible:  Not only should you add EVERY website you own in your Info tab (including your social media links), but also add it to the main picture you have associated with the group.  Remember, this is one of the first places people look – and it is easy to see and visit!

5.  Add a Free Facebook Application to Enhance Your Page:  There are many of these out there, with some of my favorites being Social RSS, Clobby and Poll Daddy.  Simply search through these on the Applications section and try them out!

And there you have it – another 5 tips to create better Facebook Pages!

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Navigating Facebook: The Difference Between Profile, Page and Group

If you’ve ever tooled around Facebook chances are you’ve asked yourself this question. You are not alone in your confusion.

Though at first glance these different incarnations may appear to be the same, there are very clear distinctions. To achieve even mild Facebook success, this is information you must know.

Facebook Profile (Home)

The Profile is your mandatory starting point. This personal account (think of it as your FB home) is required before you can move up to pages and groups and is limited to “one per person.”  Setting up a second account may violate Facebook’s Terms of Service, which could cause all your profiles to be removed.

The Facebook profile is about you, the individual. Though you can build beneficial business relationships here, it’s intended to be more personal. You can, however, mix business and personal. By using the Friends List feature, you can send out status updates, photos and notes.  This takes a bit more presence of mind but can be an extremely useful tool for both targeted marketing and reputation management.

The FB Profile limits you to 5000 friends (the average personal user has about 120 contacts).

Facebook Page (Workplace)

Designed for self-promotion, your FB Page is a sort of mini-storefront. As such, use a friendly, casual, but professional demeanor. Provide useful information, links to articles and blog posts, images and video — anything that creates perceived value. Because all status updates appear in your fans’ news feeds (making it visible to all their friends), FB Pages can help attract new fans (customers) through existing clients.

Analytics tools are provided and customization is available, allowing you to monitor your progress and bring your pages to life. With unlimited fans and multiple administrators possible, Pages becomes the best choice for businesses.

Facebook Groups (Club)

Find like-minded individuals through the FB Group (or Club). People like to do business with those they trust and feel most comfortable with. A group can be organized around your business or product, creating a community – but be sure to provide something of value to your members. This is not the place to market aggressively; instead it is a forum where customers can get advice or to learn to use the products you sell.

FB Groups can be Open (anyone), Closed (group admin approves members) and Secret (Only members and those invited know about the group).

Are you using your Profile to its best advantage, as a stepping stone to creating your Page and Groups?

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Why Aren’t You Promoting Your Social Profiles? 10 Ways to Make it Happen

When going through numerous articles on social media strategies it dawned on me that there was a glaring omission: tactics on how to promote your social media profiles OUTSIDE of logging in to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

While it may sound odd, cross marketing is an essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy (as well as a successful marketing strategy). It is completely understandable that when you launch a social media campaign, you really want to spend a bulk of your time logged into the site trying to achieve penetration and engagement.  For example, when marketing your business’s Facebook Page, you are logging in on a daily basis to update your page, share it and use different onsite tools to engage with your target consumers.

But what about the people that you speak to everyday on the phone or at events?  How about those who you give your business card to?  How about the people on the receiving end of the 100+ emails that you have to respond to daily?

This is where you need to focus on what I call Off-Site Social Media Promotion.  The best part?  It isn’t that tough (which is always a good thing, right?).

Here are my top ten tactics that you can instantly use to promote your professional social media presences…off-site:

1.  Add to Your Email Signature: When it comes to promoting your social media presences off-site, email is your first stop.  In your email signature, add a link to one or all of your social hubs.  Just be careful not to overdo it!  If you are a member of 100 different networks, don’t add them all.  My rule is to try to keep it to around 3 or less.
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