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Do you check weekly reports from your Facebook Fan Page?

Note: Social Media Citizens collaborate with different blogs in Europe. The bloggers we collaborate with are also the co-founders and admins behind the Social Marketing Forum. This post is written by Jonas Klit Nielsen from the Mindjumpers blog.

During last night (European time) a bunch of emails started ticking in from Facebook. The headline reads: “Your weekly Facebook Page update”.

It’s no secret that Facebook is trying to build up the page to become more and more valuable for business, and in this respect, statistics are the way to go.

The page insights have been available for a while and they give you something to navigate with, but when we deliver weekly reports to our clients, we still have to manually figure out how many new fans have joined since last week and so on. And only if you have more than 10.000 fans on a page you will be able to see the page impressions.

The new report from Facebook is simple – but very valuable. It gives you the following numbers: Read the full story

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Interview with Social Media Citizen: Jonas Kit Nielsen

Jonas Klit NielsenJonas Klit Nielsen is co-founder and Managing Partner of Mindjumpers, a leading social media agency based in Denmark. Jonas works with various companies developing strategies for implementing and creating value through the use of social media. As a blogger it’s his aim to share the strategic insights and thoughts, generated through his agency’s work. You can connect with Jonas on Twitter here.

G: How and why did you get into social media business?

J: I were fascinated by the human aspect and how it seemed like something that would in general change the world of communication and interaction between people, brands and companies.

G: What is it like to be a real Social Media Citizen?

J: Especially in the beginning I did not refer to myself as a social media citizen, I am a generation x and before I started working with social media, most people would define me as a person who did love changes to much – you know who moved my cheese 😉 But by hard work in the beginning I got to see the possibilities of an open mind when it comes to social media. I have probably spend about 8000 hours over the last 2-3 years reading, exploring, playing and talking about social media, I have put a lot of effort into becoming a person for whom it’s a natural thing to get news, clients, information and new friends through social media.

G: What are your favourite social media hang out sites?

J: My time on social media through an average day is probably spend with:

  • 30% Facebook,
  • 30% Blogs,
  • 20% Twitter,
  • 10% Linkedin and then 10% for all the other great stuff.

Read the full story

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