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Promoted Tweets: the Marketing Industry Insights


As you may have already heard Twitter has started its own Promoted Tweets program a few days ago. I was just following the discussion and reading all the news about it and decided to share this collection of posts which pretty much tells everything you need to know about this developement.

Hello World by Official Twitter blog

Why You Should Advertise on Twitter by Adage.com

Twitter bets its ad platform — and reputation — on "resonance" by New York Times

Promoted Tweets: What Brands Can And Can’t Do With Twitter’s New Ad Platform by Forrester

Twitter COO: “Promoted Tweets Are Not Ads” 

Twitter Announces an Ad program…here is how to rank organically by The Customer Collective

Twitter Sponsored Tweets: The Impact for Marketers by Steve Rubel

Twitter launches Ads, New Business Model by Going Social Now


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