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Is “Made in Love” the new social media branding strategy?

I’ve just read this fascinating research on Discovery news about the happy cows. It turns out that the loved cows, who are personalized and called by the given names gives 5% more milk than the usual ones. It got me thinking about social media environment and why  social businesses are doing so well, I think it is exactly the same simple reason – it is “Made in Love”. The personal relationship and attention has been a unique selling point of most of the SME businesses for years, they sell products or services which cost more than mainstream brands but are delivered with Love and Personality. The only difference is that now the businesses are enabled by social media channels to share these love stories for their clients with many more people.  I definitely believe that we are going to see much more of that kind of branding in the future, where the “love manufacturing” becomes a standard addition  to a great brand story . Who knows maybe in the future instead of labels as “Organic” or “Made in China” we are going to see “Made in Love”? What do you think?

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