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Nearby Digital Announces Second Winner of ‘Most Liked Business In’ Competition

Nearby Digital is happy to announce The Happy Sailor, a pirate-themed tattoo parlour as the second winner of its ‘Most Liked Business in Shoreditch’ competition! Well done, Happy Sailor!

Although it has been a long, tiring month, it was also hugely rewarding as we met so many wonderful and inspirational people along the way, and we would therefore like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to everyone kind enough to spare us their time! As well, even though this month’s winner has been announced, this is only the beginning of a long series of competitions, and we are pleased to inform our previous contestants that they can continue to participate in future contests by sending in new pictures to

The Future of the ‘Most Liked In’ Contest

Right now, we’ve got expansion on our minds! Not only do we plan to expand our reach with respect to businesses in Shoreditch and allow for companies to arrange photo shoots themselves, but we also plan to expand the project to other hip and trendy areas in London, such as Soho, Camden Town, London Bridge, and Covent Garden. In addition, our ultimate goal is to establish a local recommendations search engine, – so keep on following and sharing with us!

About the ‘Most Liked Business In’ Competition

Launched in May 2011, the ‘Most Liked Business in Shoreditch’ competition selects new winners at the beginning of every month, and concludes in the annual Most Liked Business in Shoreditch awards at the end of the year.

It’s one of a kind. Essentially, the competition is a location-focused social media competition based on rating local businesses using Facebook ‘Likes’. Pictures of local businesses are taken by the Nearby Digital team, and are then uploaded onto our Facebook photo album, where the public has one month to ‘Like’ them. In the process, stronger relationships are forged between local businesses and their customers, and due acknowledgment is accorded to the actual people behind these businesses creating value in their communities.

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Nearby Digital Announced First Winner of “Most Liked Business In” Project

Nearby Digital team is very happy to announce the first winner of “The Most Liked Business In – Shoredich” competition. It is Andrew White from FundApps, the company which aims to provide the new generation Financial Services software. We think Andrew should be not less excited as we decided to create a customized Facebook business page for his company (worth around £500).  He also will get the first The Most Liked Business badge which can be used in their promotions.

It’s been long and a bit tiring month, but it was also a brilliant month as we met so many great people on our way so we just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who speared us a minute of their time! Also, it’s just the beginning of this long marathon of Most Liked Business In project. A good news is that you can still be a part of this process – we decided that we will allow previous participants to send their new pictures and participate in the competition again, and again and again:) Just get in touch with us:

The future of The Most Liked In project

In the next few months we plan to expand the competition – we will try to reach more businesses ourselves and companies will be able to arrange the photoshoots themselves. Also the competition itself is planned to be launched in other trendy areas of London like Soho, Camden Town, London Bridge, Covent Garden and etc. Finally, at the end of this project we are planning to launch local recommendations engine which will be called – So keep on following and sharing with us..

About  The Most Liked Business In project

It is the first of its kind location focused social media project concentrated on rating the most liked businesses in certain location with the help of Facebook Likes. The project aims to create stronger relationships between people and companies working in the same area and bring some entertainment to everyday office routines. Another goal is to acknowledge not the brands but the people behind the businesses who are creating value for their communities in lively Shoreditch area.

The Most Liked Business in Shoredich competition has started in May and the monthly winners will be announced at the beginning of every consecutive month leading up to the Most Liked Business in Shoreditch Awards at the end of the year. The pictures are taken by Nearby Digital team and uploaded daily on dedicated Facebook Album. The winner is selected by people who have one month to ’Like’ the pictures of their favourite local businesses on Facebook. The companies can participate as many times as they want with the different picture every month.



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