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Interview with Social Media Citizen: Adam Broitman

adamAdam Broitman is a recognized wizard in all aspects of the ever-changing digital media + marketing landscape and Co-founder of, award wining communication agency in New York.  A thought leader in the industry, Adam is known for devising cutting edge, attention-grabbing marketing strategies for Kraft, The New York Times and Panasonic to LVMH.You can follow Adam on Twitter or Linkedin.

G: How and why did you get into social media business?

A: I have always been in media and marketing—social media is a natural progression. You cannot be in the media+marketing and not be in the social media business—that is not possible.

G: What is it like to be a real Social Media Citizen?

A: As far as consistency goes, I am not doing so well with that these days. Prior to starting I had a daily regiment—my blog was A Media and my day always started with scouring wires and talking to friends about new advances in social technology. Today, I am doing my best to run a business and keep my social head above water. Seesmic Desktop helps a lot with that.

G: What are your favourite social media hang out sites?

A: The only site I actually hang out on is Facebook—everything else I consume as a feed.

G: How are you keeping up-to-date with social media environment ?

A: These days I really only rely on a few tools to stay up on everything that is going in the world of social media. My favourites are:

· Seesmic Desktop

· Twittelator for iPhone

· Google Reader

· Facebook (site and for iphone)

· Email — I use a MAC but run Outlook. Yes, email is social 🙂

I think I covered this above, but I would certainly add Techmeme though—in my busy days it gives me a nice snapshot.  Other tools I use from time to time:

· Newsrack for iPad

· Flipboard for iPad

· xBox (my new addiction)

· Tweetdeck for iPad

G: How would you define a  Social Media Citizen?

A: We are all citizens of the world of social media. Whether implicitly or explicitly, our mediated lives have changed and whether or not you are an active participant in social media channels, you are in fact, a participant.

G: What are your favourite Social Media Citizens?

A: That is my favourite citizens:

G: What are your favourite Marketing/PR tools on social media?

A: I dig Hoot Suite – it is pretty comprehensive.

G: What are your favourite social media campaigns?

A: My Top 3:

G: What are your Top 3 secrets of social media marketing?

A: My Top 3 is:

  • Give props to others and they will do the same
  • “Listening” has two I’s, but neither of them involve you
  • Be excellent to each other (that was Bill and Ted)

G: What do you see in the future for the social media?

A: In five years we will no longer talk about social media as an entity. It will be as natural as the air we breathe and the water we drink. People will go back to talking about effective communications, the way it should.

G: Describe yourself in five words?

A: Spontaneous; Conservative; Daring; Calculated; Enigmatic .

G: What’s your favourite hobby?

A: Song writing. (G: Cool! 🙂

G: How did social media change your life?

A: I can now connect to an entire world of content and opinions that I may otherwise not have been able to—the effect has been profound.

G: What don’t you like about social media?

A: I don’t like the fixation with the tools and I don’t like how people separate it from other communications channels. All media is social; people need to get used to it!

G: What is the funniest/most unexpected thing that happened due to social media?

A: I got a job offer via Twitter 🙂 and a speaking gig offer in Second Life.


A big Thank You to Adam for his great insights!! You can find the rest of the interviews with the Social Media Citizens at Social Media interviews category

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